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Introducing the Made in USA Protective Mask, your trusted defense against airborne particles, dust, and mist. This NIOSH-approved mask is certified to provide 95% filtration efficiency(N95), offering reliable protection in various environments.


  • NIOSH Approved: Certified to provide 95% filtration efficiency against non-oil particles, dust, and mist, ensuring reliable protection.
  • Adjustable Nose Clip: Features an adjustable nose clip for a customized fit and a secure seal around the nose bridge area, maximizing comfort and protection.
  • Latex-Free Materials: Made of latex-free materials for enhanced comfort during extended wear, ideal for long periods of use.
  • Electrostatic Material: Constructed with electrostatic material to facilitate easier breathing while providing superior protection.
  • FDA Approved Manufacturer: Manufactured by an FDA-approved manufacturer in Florida, USA, ensuring quality and compliance with regulatory standards.


  • Box of 20 Masks: Each box contains 20 masks, providing ample supply for various applications.
  • ASTM Level 3: Meets ASTM Level 3 standards for fluid resistance, offering enhanced protection in demanding environments.
  • Latex-Free: Suitable for individuals with latex allergies or sensitivities.
  • NIOSH Approval Number: TC-84A-7863.

Experience peace of mind and superior protection with the Made in USA Protective Mask—your essential companion for safeguarding against airborne hazards.