Panoramic Dental Film

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Panoramic dental film is of high quality and consistency and high contrast like Kodak at a fraction of the price. Each box of panoramic x-ray film contains 100 exposures compared to 50 from Kodak. Brilliant clarity and detail.

Blue sensitive film is a medium speed, high latitude dental film for use with blue emitting intensifying screen.

Green is a high speed, high latitude film for use with green emitting intensifying screens.

Cross-Reference Chart: Kodak EKV5, TMG5 = Our RMG5 (Green 5X12) Kodak EKV15, TMG15 = Our RMG15 (Green 15X30) Kodak XDBF75 = Our RXB75 (Blue 5X12), XDBF76 (Blue 15X30)

Box of 100