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Expected release date is 25th Feb 2021

The Op-D-Op 2 Mini Shields, tailored to perfectly fit the OP d Op 2 dental visor for unparalleled protection against overhead splatter. These replacement mini shields are tinted in a smoke gray hue, strategically designed to minimize glare and enhance visibility. With an extra-wide design, they ensure ample ventilation for comfort during extended wear.


  • Custom Fit: Specifically designed to fit the OP d Op 2 dental visor, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit.
  • Overhead Splatter Protection: Offers reliable protection from overhead splatter, safeguarding both the wearer and patients.
  • Smoke Gray Tint: Tinted in smoke gray to reduce glare, enhancing visibility and minimizing eye strain.
  • Extra-Wide Design: Provides generous ventilation for increased comfort during prolonged use.
  • Pack of 6: Each pack contains six replacement mini shields, ensuring an ample supply for continuous use.

Experience enhanced comfort and protection with Op-D-Op 2 Mini Shields—your essential accessory for optimal performance in dental procedures.