Low Speed Handpiece

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Low speed handpiece is made in the USA. Quick interchangeability of attachments with 2 holes. Its high precision and torque and micro motor make this handpiece quiet without heat build-up. A special vane motor ensures a smooth start. Easily controlled speeds of 5000 rpm to 20,000 rpm. Supplied with nose cone. This classic micro-motor dental hand tool is well balanced to reduce hand fatigue with its lightweight design but with a high torque feature that gets the job done. The low-speed handpiece will accept all straight burs, doriot attachments, and disposable prophy heads. To prevent cross-contamination the handpiece is fully autoclavable. Quick Interchangeability Of Attachment. Special Vane Motor Ensures Smooth Starts. Speed Adjustable Forward And Reverse Up To 20,000 Rpm Can Be Easily Controlled.