Gracey Curette 11-12 XP

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Gracey Curette 11-12 XP is Posterior/ Angulated to reach mesial surfaces of all posterior teeth. The instrument has got an excellent structure which ensures that the patients can have comfort during the dental procedures. The best part is that the instrument can work really well in the hands of a trained and experienced dentist. This leads to better cleaning of the teeth from the areas which are difficult to access by the dentist or the periodontist. American Eagle Gracey 11-12 X is of great importance in the cleaning of the plaque and calculus in the patients mouth. The posterior teeth are the ones which accumulate more amount of plaque and calculus in the mouth of the patients. Moreover, it is easier to use than most of the counterpart instruments. Therefore, it is highly recommended to be used in the clinics by the experts in the field of periodontics. Every dental practitioner can use the American Eagle Gracey 11-12 X successfully consistently for an appreciating period of time in the dental clinics. Gracey 11-12XP instrument is surface engineered with our patented XP Technology. Made in the USA.