Fuji IX GP Posterior Restorative Cement

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Fuji IX GP Posterior Restorative Cement, the top choice for geriatric and pediatric posterior restorations, as well as final, intermediate, and long-term temporary restorations. This glass ionomer restorative dental cement is designed for optimal performance and ease of use in various dental procedures.


  • Fluoride Releasing: Fuji IX GP releases fluoride, providing additional benefits for dental health.
  • Radiopaque: Ensures excellent visibility on X-rays for accurate diagnosis and monitoring.
  • Easy to Handle and Place: Designed for convenience and efficiency during application, making it suitable for dental practitioners of all skill levels.
  • Exceptional Durability: Cures extremely hard and offers superior wear resistance for long-term performance.
  • Chemical Bonding: Forms a strong chemical bond to tooth structure, ensuring reliable adhesion and stability.
  • Tooth-like Coefficient of Thermal Expansion: Mimics the natural tooth structure, reducing the risk of post-operative complications.

Experience the reliability and convenience of Fuji IX GP Posterior Restorative Cement in your dental practice—unlocking superior performance and patient satisfaction with every restoration.