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3M Express Putty is an excellent all-purpose impression putty that mixes easily without streaking. 3M ESPE Express putty impression material manipulates nicely, and provides a firm set. Express STD Putty is an impression material which has excellent features to be used in the field of dentistry in several clinical and lab procedures. This fantastic material is available in the base and catalyst form. The best part is that the base and catalyst are available in different jars which makes them stay fresh and can be used whenever required. It has a putty consistency which makes it easy for the dentists as well as lab technicians to use in day to day impression techniques. The 3M impression material is used in the crowns, bridge, onlay and inlay procedures. The full denture and partial denture impression can also be taken with the help of the Express STD Putty and the impressions can then be used successfully in the dental procedures. Complete kit, regular set.