Developer and Fixer Liquids

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Developer and Fixer Liquids for manual processing liquids for dental film. Concentrated formula used for manual hand tank. Developer and fixer liquids ensure that the radiographs are developed and fixed to a point of clear image rendering. In this way, quality radiographs are created and then can be further used in the diagnosis process. Developer liquids and fixer liquids have their own compositions. Developer liquids usually consist of alkaline agent, developing agents as well as sodium sulfite. The fixer liquids consists different segments which ensures that once the particular radiographic features are seen in the red light in the dark room then the atoms can be fixed on their respective places. This ensures that the radiographs is ready to be used in the respective areas. The timing for which the x-ray films are to be inserted in both the liquids need to be checked with the manufacturer and seller to avoid any kind of damage to the films. This ensures that there is no time wastage nor there is any loss of information from the x-ray films. Comes 1 quart of A & B solutions.