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Condenser and Plugger with 1/4'' - 6.3mm Stainless Steel Double-Ended Standard (S). Condenser and plugger is one of the most commonly used instrument in the field of conservative and inside dentistry. It plays an important role in placing the filling material inside the cavity prepared by the dentists in the patient’s mouth. It helps to target the material inside the cavity of the respective tooth. Condenser and plugger are usually double ended which ensures that the instrument can be used in a proper way. The sizes are regular and large and are used based on the requirement of the case. Also, the structure of the condenser and plugger is made in such a way that the dentist can access any of the teeth quadrants easily and insert the material completely into the cavity. It also helps to shape the material evenly in the cavity and ensure that the material does not pop out from the patient’s mouth. The shank attached to the handle of the instrument has a bent so that the back teeth can be accessed easily and the dentist can use the instrument there without facing any kind of discomfort. It can be successfully used in various endodontic procedures in an appreciating manner and speed by the dentist.