Free Delivery

At we aim to make your dental practice profitable and efficient. Our online dental supply store offers free shipping on 90% of its products.

Naturally certain dental office products do not fall under the free shipping policy due to the dimensional weight and/or geographical area. Those products will have regular freight charges at checkout. These products are heavy and bulky items such as CASES OF DISPOSABLE GLOVES, GALLON PACKED LIQUIDS, LAB PLASTER, ISOLATION GOWN, TRAY SLEEVE COVERS, HEADREST COVERS, PLASTIC DRINKING CUPS, DENTAL CHAIR COVERS, and the like.

In order for us to continue to provide you with competitive pricing on all our dental supplies and keep our working cost down, we do have a small minimum order requirement of $350 in order to offer you free delivery (ground delivery only). If the minimum requirement is not met normal carrier rates will apply to the order (US ORDERS ONLY, INTERNATIONAL ORDERS WILL BE BILLED REGULAR SHIPPING CHARGES). Also, If you decide to purchase the heavy and bulky dental supplies from us rest assured that our freight rate discount from our carriers are passed on to you. For our local customers we can deliver heavy products at a discount rate depending on the delivery area. Please call us for more details.


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